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Disk Treatments Can Restore Your Spine to Health

If you suffer from back pain, you may have a herniated, bulging, impinged, ruptured or otherwise damaged disk in your spine. But before you sign on for a debilitating surgery requiring a lengthy recovery period, you should know that other disk treatments such as the Cox technique offer a gentler, safer and non-surgical solution -- and these techniques are available in Boca Raton.
Many incidents of back pain and loss of mobility can be traced to problems with an intervertebral disk, or IVD. Compression or misalignment of the vertebrae due to an accident or a chronic posture problem can put undue pressure on the delicate, gelatinous disks that sit between them, leading to herniations and ruptures. The only way to allow the disks to heal properly, without invasive surgery, is to restore the natural gaps between vertebrae and relieve the IVD pressure. Here, at Shadowood Chiropractic Center in Boca Raton, we use the Cox technique -- one of the more recently developed chiropractic disk treatments -- to restore your spine to health as gently and effectively as possible, one disk at a time.

A Sophisticated Solution for Boca Raton Back Pain

Boca Raton Back Pain Disc Treatments You may have heard other Boca Raton chiropractors talk about a technique called spinal decompression as if it were the obvious solution to many ailments caused by compressed or damaged disks. Unfortunately, while the basic principles of spinal decompression are useful, the machinery and implementation can actually do more harm than good. Spinal decompression machines require the chiropractor to use a limited number of fixed, predetermined settings that can very easily apply too much or too little stretching force to the spinal column. Too much force can actually tear the disk, creating an even more serious medical situation. Too little force may provide little help or make no difference at all in the patient's condition. To make matters worse, the chiropractor must pass the exorbitant costs of the machinery on to the patient.

The Cox technique, as practiced by our chiropractor, Dr. Allan DellaBella, represents a major improvement in the sophistication and effectiveness of spinal care. This technique uses a handheld device called an activator that delivers, a light, targeted and throroughly adjustable force to the precise vertebral area requiring treatment. Your Boca Raton chiropractor maintains constant contact with the patient's spine, making any incremental adjustments needed during the entire treatment session instead of applying a fixed amount of force to the entire spinal column. As a result, the treatment typically takes less time than spinal decompression while delivering more accurate healing without the prohibitive expense.

If you have given up on expensive, risky surgery or mind-numbing painkillers as a way of life, it is time to consider a safer, more affordable and more effective alternative. Contact our chiropractic office today to find out if spinal decompression disk treatments, such as the Cox technique, can banish your back pain and restore your ability to enjoy life. Call us at 561-488-4000.