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Personal Injury Doctor Boca Raton Answers Your FAQs

Painful and sometimes debilitating back, joint and neck injuries are the most common types of personal injuries treated by your personal injury doctor Boca Raton chiropractor. Involvement in vehicular accidents, slipping and falling, lifting heavy objects at work and performing home improvement tasks can tear back muscles, displace vertebrae and irritate spinal nerves. Although pain medication may provide temporary relief, the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain due to personal injuries will progressively worsen unless the injury receives appropriate treatment. To help you recover from a personal injury, Dr. Dellabella offers several effective chiropractic treatments such as realigning vertebrae through adjustment and manipulation, spinal decompression and motion palpitation to adjust and realign joints while the joint is in motion.

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Why Seek Treatment from a Boca Raton Chiropractor for a Personal Injury? 

Principles of chiropractic have been receiving much attention by clinical researchers who are rapidly discovering that chiropractic techniques do provide numerous benefits to your health and well-being. A lifelong exponent of chiropractic wellness, Dr. Dellabella can help your body self-heal by treating you with the latest techniques emerging from the field of chiropractic. For example, the Cox Adjustment Technique is a decompression procedure designed to relieve pressure on irritated spinal nerves. When an auto accident or work injury results in a misaligned spine, compression of spinal nerves affects the entirety of your central nervous system. Since your nervous system connects all other physiological systems, any area of the body can suffer pain, inflammation, and dysfunction. Dr. Dellabella is also qualified to provide deep tissue massage therapy, Gonstead Technique for subluxations and the Activator Method for making adjustments.

Will My Auto Insurance Cover the Cost of My Treatment?

When they need a versatile personal injury doctor Boca Raton residents visit Dr. Dellabella as soon as possible after a vehicle accident to receive an accurate diagnosis of their injuries. In addition, Florida law states that you must report any injuries to your insurance company within 14 days of suffering a car accident injury or your insurance agency may deny your claim.  Shadowood Chiropractic Center staff will also work with your attorney if you need to hire one following a work or vehicle accident. If a personal injury attorney is litigating your case, you do not have to make up-front payments for chiropractic treatments.

What Kinds of Personal Injuries Do You Treat?

Dr. Dellabella treats a wide range of auto, work and other personal injuries, such as neck pain, recurring migraines/headaches, back pain, joint pain and leg spasms/pain. After determining the cause of your injury by evaluating your symptoms, manually examining the location of the injury and analyzing radiographs, he can then develop a treatment plan that uniquely addresses your injury and pain.

Call Us To See A Personal Injury Doctor Boca Raton Today!

If the need exists to see a personal injury doctor Boca Raton residents always call Shadowood Chiropractic Center at 561-488-4000 to receive personalized, superior care and assistance with legal matters. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for personal injury treatments.