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5 Tips For Avoiding Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people all over the world. Some people even believe that back pain is just a part of life. However, you don’t need to suffer with back pain. Even if you have a “bad back,” there are practical steps you can take to avoid back pain in the future.

1. Lift With Your Legs

You’ve probably heard people say this before, but are you practicing it? Lifting with your legs means that you consciously use your thigh and calf leg muscles to push yourself into a standing position when lifting something up from the ground. Make sure you do this every time so you can avoid back pain.

2. Use Available Equipment

There are numerous tools and equipment available to literally take some of the load off your back and spine. For instance, if you need to move something heavy like an appliance, piece of furniture or a number of boxes, use a hand truck or dolly. This simple and inexpensive tool should be in every household. It allows you to avoid lifting altogether, which saves your back.

3. Stop When You Feel a Twinge

Your back will often give you a small warning signal when it’s being overworked. Many people describe the sensation as a twinge. If you feel one or more twinges, it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing and recline in a way that relaxes your back muscles. Strive to rest for 15 minutes or more. If you feel the twinge again when you resume work, it might be just time to call it a day and start again tomorrow.

4. Don’t Overload Shovels and Rakes

A common source of back pain is shoveling and raking. Wet snow is much heavier than it looks and raking tends to cause people to move in ways that strain the back. Take it easy when engaging in these two activities. Consider investing in a snow blower attachment for your riding mower and having neighborhood kids rake the leaves.

5. Visit Your Chiropractor

Regular visits to your Boca Raton chiropractor can help you avoid back pain, too. When you allow your chiropractor to examine your back and help to make sure your back is adjusted correctly, you just may be able to avoid back troubles altogether!

These five tips are helpful for anyone, including those who have chronic back pain. For more ideas about keeping your back strong and healthy, consult with your chiropractor.


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