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5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain for Young Parents With Kids

By October 25, 2021July 13th, 2023No Comments

Babies need to be lifted, held and carried from here to there, so new parents are especially vulnerable to back pain. If you’re a parent with a baby or a toddler in the house, there are things you can do to prevent back injury. From adjusting your behaviors to using the right baby furnishings and accessories, you can protect yourself from strained muscles and back pain in Boca Raton FL.

1. Place the Car Seat Properly

Bending into the car to put your child down in the car seat can add strain to your back. To reduce the pressure on your back, avoid installing the car seat in the middle seat. When putting your child into or out of the car seat, prop your knee against the seat to provide support to your back.

2. Choose the Right Changing Table

New parents spend a lot of time at the changing table. Bending over the changing table can contribute to back pain, and can cause muscle strain. To help prevent problems, choose a changing table that is higher than your waist. This way, you won’t have to bend down when changing your child’s diaper.

3. Choose Nursing Position Carefully

Prop your baby up on a pillow when nursing. Nursing pillows are designed to wrap around your waist and make nursing easier. Laying down when nursing is another way to relieve pressure on your back.

4. Switch Duties Regularly

If you’re sharing parenting duties with another adult, switch duties regularly to avoid placing too much strain on either parent’s back. For example, take turns changing diapers, picking up your child out of the crib, carrying your child, etc.

5. See the Chiropractor Regularly

One of the most effective ways to ward off back pain is to see the chiropractor in Boca Raton, FL. Your chiropractor can provide a range of services that can help reduce strain on the muscles and other sources of back pain.

At Shadowood Chiropractic Center, we provide natural, medication-free chiropractic services that help our patients feel less pain and avoid injury from lifting, carrying, bending and engaging in other activities that young parents often engage in. Call today to make an appointment.