About Us

About our Boca Raton Chiropractic Office

I go out of my way to hire employees with a great personality, and our office is staffed with warm, friendly, and caring people. It is my opinion that “you can train an individual and give them experience, but you cannot train a person’s inherent personality”.

As a result of this experience-focused policy, our patients as well as other health care professionals frequently mention how our office provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment, and how much they enjoy referring their loved ones or patients to our office. The care we cultivate with our staff and our office ambiance, combined with the results that we achieve, regularly brings patients back to our clinic to treat other issues they may encounter down the road.

I cannot even begin to explain what a satisfying feeling this brings not only to me, but to the entire staff here at Shadowood Chiropractic Center.

For your convenience, x-rays are taken and developed on site within fifteen minutes, to assure the quickest road to recovery. All of our chiropractic assistants are certified and registered with the state of Florida. Our treatment rooms are all individual rooms, not therapy suites, with curtains or half walls, so that you can enjoy privacy during your treatment. We also have additional seating in the rooms in the event you bring a family member or friend along for company.

As you can see from our office hours we stay open late and are open on Saturdays to enable our working patients to be able to receive the treatment or massage they require without the need to leave their place of employment, or interfere with their family obligations.

If you have been treated in a chiropractic office in a different region and were pleased with your results we will be happy to call that office for you and confer with your previous doctors on your ongoing treatment.

We look forward to helping you address and resolve the cause of your visit.

– Dr. Allan DellaBella