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Boca Raton Whiplash Chiropractor

Dr. Allan DellaBella, your chiropractor in Boca Raton explains the effects of whiplash on the spine and how chiropractic adjustment can reverse the painful effects that can worsen over time.

We’re here today to discuss the mechanism of a whiplash injury and how I as a chiropractor can help treat your whiplash.

Normal anatomy shows that the head sits on top of the neck. The weight of the head is approximately eight pounds. All eight pounds sits on the pedicles which are opposed to your portion of the spine, which are made to carry the weight. The front of the spine has nice square vertebrae with nice well-hydrated discs that are around and in between them.

When a whiplash occurs, the neck straightens out. When the neck straightens out, the weight of the head shifts forward a little bit. Because of that, there is weight-bearing in the front of the spine that wasn’t there before. So now the body responds to this by adding calcium to the front of the spine. These points now start to develop, the discs start to degenerate. Over time, the discs continue to degenerate the spurs continue to grow towards each other until eventually the spine grows to one solid segment. This is now called osteoarthritis. This person would not be able to bend their head forward and backward normally, and they would be having more of a function – instead of looking down at the ground, they would be doing this.

This is preventable, when you have a whiplash, with gentle chiropractic manipulation you can take this straight curve and formulate the curve back into the spine. Once you do this, you take the weight bearing and shift it back towards the posterior portion of the spine, no longer having the body find the necessity to add the calcium. By doing such you’ll have much more movement in your neck and you’ll have many more years of range of motion.
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