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Can You Recognize Common Car Accident Injuries?

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Common Car Accident Injuries

The impact of a car accident, even a minor one, can leave you with both visible and not so visible injuries. When a moving vehicle comes to a sudden, unexpected stop, the people inside can be jolted, even if they are wearing seatbelts. Back and neck injuries are both extremely common, even in minor crashes, and can cause pain months after the crash. Long after any visible bumps and bruises have faded, neck and back related car accident injuries can continue to cause pain and discomfort.

The condition of the car after the accident has no bearing on the severity of the car accident injuries sustained by the occupants. According an article from, some injuries that involve a car happen when the car isn’t even running. Trying to hoist a car onto a jack can cause a slipped disc or other back injury, and so can pushing a disabled car. Our Boca Raton chiropractor, Dr. DellaBella, is here to ease the back and neck pain you may experience after a car accident or incident.

Prevent Minor Car Accident Injuries from Turning Into Recurring Pain

Neck pain from whiplash is common after a car accident. When a vehicle abruptly changes direction, the head is whipped around on the neck beyond its normal range of movement, resulting in strain and injury. Our chiropractor is ready with pain management and massage therapy techniques designed to ease the neck pain that accompanies whiplash.

Back injuries, even seemingly minor ones, should be treated right away to prevent chronic pain and later complications. Our chiropractor can help diagnose your problem, and come up with a plan of treatment to ease your pain. Instead of masking an injury with pain medication, chiropractic care, pain management and massage therapy allow the back injury to be addressed and treated instead of masked.

Think back — do you have any lingering pain that can be traced to a car accident?
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