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Common Chiropractic Techniques and How They Improve Quality of Life

By May 25, 2022September 29th, 2023No Comments

Some of the main goals of chiropractic care are to relieve pain, increase mobility, improve joint function, and improve quality of sleep. These objectives, when combined, directly affect a patient’s quality of life. While your chiropractor in Boca Raton, FL, may not be able to help you live longer, they can help you get more enjoyment from the life you have. These common chiropractic techniques can help.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is used to relieve joint pressure, reduce inflammation, and to help improve nerve function in areas such as the neck, shoulder, and back. This technique applies a simple, sudden thrusting motion to the joint in question, often bringing immediate relief. Spinal manipulation is used to treat headaches, upper and lower back pain, stiff neck, and more.

Spinal Mobilization

Spinal mobilization is another common procedure your chiropractor may use to help improve joint function. Mobilization uses a gentler approach than manipulation and may be the better choice for several reasons:

  • The patient has severe or chronic pain
  • The patient suffers from osteoporosis or inflammatory arthritis
  • The patient is uncomfortable with more aggressive treatment methods
  • The patient is overweight

Spinal mobilization can achieve the same results as spinal manipulation, but the treatment process may be longer.

Spinal Decompression

The goal of spinal decompression is to relax and stretch the lumbar spine, which is your lower back area. Patients who are experiencing lower back or leg pain may benefit from spinal decompression. During this technique, the chiropractor positions the patient face-down on a special type of table that allows the lowering, or stretching, of the lower back and legs. This technique often coaxes slipped discs back into the desired position, alleviating pain and discomfort.

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