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Free Yourself of Back Pain with Chiropractic and Massage

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Dr. DellaBella Offers Lasting Back Pain Relief in Boca Raton

Back Pain Treatments in Boca RatonBecause back pain can affect all aspects of health, pin-pointing the source of your pain is essential. Back pain can be caused by a myriad of health concerns including whiplash from auto accident injuries, herniated discs that may result from overuse, obesity and sports injury, lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle, poor lifestyle and nutrition habits, an improper sleeping environment, chronic injuries, and non-ergonomic positioning over time. Back pain relief in Boca Raton helps to remove localized trauma so the entire nervous system can communicate optimally with the entire body.

How Back Pain Treatment in Boca Raton Helps You Heal

We feel back pain when subluxation occurs to vertebrae. Nervous system communication between the spinal column along with muscles, ligaments and tendons become overstretched and are unable to support the spinal column. Chiropractic and massage therapy become natural complementary back pain treatment because they restore, rehabilitate and rejuvenate the connection between the spinal column and associated support structures to improve nervous system communication.

Herniated disc is one of the most common causes of back pain. Techniques such as The Cox and decompression are not only designed to assist in pain reduction, but also help patients avoid the need to undergo unnecessary surgery. The Cox Technique for back pain treatment in Boca Raton alleviates pain with the activator device. The activator is a precise, hand-held device that delivers a targeted force to vertebral discs. This is especially effective for our sensitive and younger patients.

Massage therapy can also be used to alleviate the back pain symptoms which hinder your ability to move freely and enjoy everyday activities. While chiropractic care serves to improve spinal alignment, massage will help ease muscle tension and free the knots that may be limiting your range of motion and causing discomfort.

We will also prescribe at-home corrective exercises and nutritional suggestions to potentiate the effects of your in-office back pain treatment.

Read more about how we treat and relieve back pain.

What questions do you have about back pain relief?
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