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Going Camping? Protect Your Back

Going camping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be hard on your back. If you suffer from a bad back and would like to go camping anyway, you can make that happen! Following these basic tips, you can get the most out of your camping experience, while helping to minimize pain or discomfort.

Buy a Chair that Provides Ergonomic Support

Typical camping chairs are designed to fold up in such a way that they usually sink in the middle when they’re unfolded. These chairs provide no lumbar support and can lead to back pain or painful knees. There are many camping chairs that are designed to provide ergonomic support, but you’ve got to seek them out. Look online for ergonomic camping chairs that provide lumbar support for long hours of use.

Pack an Air Mattress

Going camping doesn’t have to mean being physically uncomfortable when you’re sleeping. Pack an air mattress with a battery-powered air pump. If you don’t want to sleep on an air mattress, at least pack a sleeping bag pad to make your experience sleeping on the ground more comfortable. You’ll feel better with the extra support.

Stretch Before Engaging in Physical Activity

Camping involves a lot of physical activity. Before you get started hiking a trail, unloading your camping supplies or setting up a tent, engage in stretches to warm up your muscles. Not sure what kind of stretches are best for you? Talk to your chiropractor in Boca Raton FL.

Limit Weight When Carrying Things

Don’t carry too much at once. Keep the weight of the things you’re carrying down by purchasing lightweight camping supplies. Only pack exactly what you need, and nothing else.

See Your Chiropractor Before and After

Get a chiropractic adjustment before and after you go camping to keep your vertebrae in alignment and to maximize your comfort before, during and after your camping trip. Speak to your chiropractor before you leave for camping to get tips specifically designed to help you have a comfortable camping experience. You deserve to enjoy yourself, so see your chiropractor to help make that happen!

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