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Headaches and Neck Pain Bothering You? Change Your Monitor Setup

Do you spend all day at the computer only to end the night with a raging headache and neck pain? If so, it’s important that you know that your computer monitor might be the culprit. When monitors are not set up just right, they cause excess strain that can leave your head pounding and neck all out of whack. Ready to fix it for good? Here’s what to do.

Set Your Monitor at Eye Level

Chronic neck pain and headaches in Boca Raton, Florida can occur due to having your monitor at the wrong level. You need to have the top of the screen at eye level or slightly below to reduce strain.

When positioned correctly, you should have to tilt your eyes down a bit to see the middle of the screen. After correctly adjusting its height, tilt the monitor back about 15 to 20 degrees to keep your head and neck in a relaxing position while you work.

Push Your Screen 20-Inches Away

The distance matters, too, since eye strain can lead to headaches. If you have a 24-inch monitor and good vision, put it about 20-inches away from your seated position.

Larger monitors can be pushed back more as long as you don’t have to strain to read small letters. You can also adjust the size of the print on your screen if needed to keep your monitor in a neutral position.

Reduce Brightness and Glare

Sometimes, it’s not the position of your monitor that’s causing headaches. Brightness and glare can also leave you dealing with head and neck pain as well. To avoid that, aim to match the brightness of your screen with the surrounding environment.

You can download a display brightness dimmer, like f.lux, to automatically make adjustments throughout the day. The app will change the brightness level and color to match the time of day and keep you free of headaches and neck pain.

If changing up your monitor setup doesn’t relieve your head and neck pain, you might need to schedule a visit to our Boca Raton, Florida chiropractic clinic. At Shadowood Chiropractic Center, we specialize in restoring the alignment of your body and relieving pain along the way. To find a convenient time to come down, simply call 561-488-4000 to speak to our team.


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