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It’s the Rainy Season in Boca Raton — Be Cautious While Driving

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It’s the Rainy Season in Boca Raton — Be Cautious While Driving

Our Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Can Treat Whiplash

Remember that sunny Boca Raton is now in its rainy season. Because of that, driving conditions on the already busy roads will require more caution than normal to get to your destination safely. If you find yourself in a car accident due to the dangerous roads, come see our auto accident injury chiropractor for natural relief.

Driving Safely During the South Florida Rainy Season

To minimize your risks during rainy driving conditions, learn how to safely handle hydroplaning, which causes your car to slide out of control from water going under your tires. To prevent this, drive slowly in wet areas and assume the water could be deeper than you think.

When you drive through water, brake gently when you need to slow down because a hard brake can cause hydroplaning. If you start to skid or hydroplane, take your foot off the gas pedal, turn the steering wheel to the direction you want to go and brake gently, pumping the brakes, or brake harder if you have anti-lock brakes, until you regain control.

Get Natural Neck Pain Relief for Whiplash

If you do unfortunately end up in an auto accident from the rainy season and you are suffering from back or neck pain, or you experienced whiplash during the accident, come see Dr. DellaBella for chiropractic care at our Shadowood Chiropractic Center. Dr. DellaBella uses natural neck pain relief treatments for whiplash, which commonly occurs during car accidents.

His treatment methods include massage and a technique called the Thompson technique, which can bring the spine back to its normal and healthy curve. In addition, our office can help you get a cervical neck pump for at-home use, which insurance generally covers. Dr. DellaBella also treats herniated discs and other problems caused by accidents.

Have you ever been in a car accident because of the South Florida rainy season? Comment below and share your experience.
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