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When to See a Boca Raton Chiropractor

You may injure your knee in a fall, while playing sports, in an auto accident, due to arthritis, or from other causes.

Knee pain is usually self diagnosable. However, here are some symptoms that your knee pain is not just muscle soreness, but something that should be looked at:

Inability to straighten the knee fully
Stiffness or soreness
Crunching or popping noises in the knee joint
Inability to bear weight on the knee
Red, warm knee skin
If you experience these symptoms, give our Boca Raton chiropractor a call. We will diagnose you and provide effective knee pain relief.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Knee Pain

Our chiropractor will make gentle adjustments to realign the joints and ligaments of your knee. This will reduce your pressure, pain, and inflammation. We can also incorporate massage of the leg muscles, reducing tension and straining that may be contributing to knee pain. After a series of adjustments, we will move to strengthening the knee and improving range of motion so you can do all the activities you used to do.

Along with biomechanical treatment, we will make lifestyle recommendations that can help you live in wellness and avoid pain. If you are overweight, we can discuss healthy ways to lose weight and decrease pressure on the knees. If you have a sedentary lifestyle with lots of sitting, we can help you become more active.

Treat Your Knee Pain With Shadowood Chiropractic Center

You don’t have to suffer one more day in knee pain when you seek our help. To reserve your first appointment, please call us today or Schedule An Appointment. We look forward to helping you heal knee pain naturally.
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