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Resolving Back Pain, Loss of Function and Other Symptoms with Disk Treatments

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Resolving Back Pain, Loss of Function and Other Symptoms with Disk Treatments

If you have a bad back, the problem may rest in one specific point — an injured or displaced intervertebral disk. These fragile cushions normally prevent back pain by absorbing everyday shocks, but if something goes wrong with them they can actually cause pain instead. If you are currently struggling with such a problem, Dr. DellaBella offers disk treatments that can get your back back to normal.

How do these disks cause so much suffering? A variety of factors can cause the spine to compress or be jostled out of its optimal alignment. The resulting shift in weight distribution can mean serious trouble for an intervertebral disk, which is just a collection of fluid cartilage encased by a membrane. Compression from joint degeneration, or misalignments from a car accident or personal injury, can cause the disks or their inner contents to stick out from the spinal column and push against nerves. This nerve pressure can then cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, from back pain to leg weakness.
To relieve your pain and other symptoms for good, the disks must be coaxed back into their proper position, and they must have enough space between vertebrae to heal themselves normally and completely. While some chiropractors prescribe mechanical spinal decompression to accomplish this, we prefer to not to use it because it can accidentally cause additional damage. Instead we use the Cox technique, a much more controllable form of manual adjustment. In this technique, a device known as an activator allows us to make corrections with pinpoint accuracy.

Disk Treatments Available from Our Boca Raton Chiropractor

If your disks — and overall health — could benefit from safe, natural treatments that allow for normal healing and relieve nerve pain, talk to our Boca Raton chiropractor, Dr. DellaBella about the Cox technique and other therapies that may help.

What disk treatments have worked for you?
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