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Tips for a Healthy Spine

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Tips for a Healthy Spine from Our Boca Raton Chiropractor

Dr. Allan DellaBella is our esteemed Boca Raton chiropractor, and he wants to help you live a happier, healthier pain-free life. Many individuals don’t realize just how important spinal health is to their overall wellness. However, the spine is the powerhouse of the body and has sensitive nerve ending that connects with the various essential bodily systems and organs. This complex system allows us to bend, stand, sit, twist, and do everything we love in life, so follow these lifestyle tips for a healthy spine.

1. Standing Positions

Avoid long periods of standing in one position or with one leg or foot carrying the burden of the weight. Take the pressure off the lower back by keeping one foot slightly placed in front with the knees bent slightly. Use good back and shoulder posture, and periodically shift weight from toe to heel during long standing sessions.

2. Lifting and Reaching

When lifting, always use your legs and begin with knees bent. Keep items close to the body, and never twist the spine while lifting or carrying heavy loads to reduce back strain. Never use your back to do the bulk of lifting, and if necessary find a way to push the item or get assistance. Use a step stool to reach objects when necessary to avoid back, shoulder and neck pain.

3. Seated Positions

Keep your back straight and the head up when seated, positioning the knees just lower than the hips. While not slouching, do try to keep the natural curve maintained in the lower back to avoid chronic and acute pain and spinal misalignments.

4. Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on the back can place 50 pounds of pressure upon the spine, so if that’s your preferred position you should sleep with a pillow beneath the knees. Side sleepers can also reduce pressure on the spine by placing a pillow between their knees.

5. Spine Tips for Techies

Avoid looking down at mobile devices and phones and use your eyes instead to look down when necessary. Beyond spinal problems, hours of looking down cause a condition called text neck that can source an array of issues. Keep devices at eye level and follow the seated position tips for additional relief.

Don’t Live Another Day in Back or Neck Pain

If you’re currently experiencing back or neck pain due to spinal issues, delaying help can only make matters worse and it will certainly delay healing. Contact our Shadowood Chiropractic Center to schedule an appointment with our Boca Raton chiropractor today at 561-488-4000.
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