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Treating Back Pain Early: Don’t Let Your Pain Take Over!

By February 19, 2014No Comments
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Preventing and Healing Back Pain in Boca Raton

Treating Back Pain Early in Boca Raton If you have ever had a serious backache, then you know you never want the condition to become chronic. Here are some helpful tips from Shadowood Chiropractic Center for treating your back pain early on so that it doesn’t become an ongoing and painful impediment.

Chiropractic Advice for Healing Back Pain Early

Exercise your back
Your spinal column relies on the support of large muscle groups — and without that support you become more prone to injuries, subluxations, and slipped discs which all lead to back pain. Knee rolls, back extensions and other simple exercises can keep these critical muscles strong. Yoga is another popular means of developing and maintaining strength and flexibility in the pelvis, abdomen, and lower back.

Maintain a healthy weight
Excess pounds place an additional strain on your back, since your spine is tasked with supporting the entire musculoskeletal system. If you are overweight or obese, following a medically supervised weight loss program can help you avoid pain, not only in your back but in your other joints and muscles as well.

Sit correctly
Many people who work at office jobs suffer from back trouble if they allow their bodies to slump or slouch. Adjust your chair so that you can sit sitting flat-footed with ease, and keep your spine straight instead of rocking back onto your tailbone. Even if you maintain an ergonomic sitting position, you should take frequent breaks to stretch and relax your back.

Get evaluated
Hidden spinal misalignments can lead to chronic pain no matter how careful you are about eating and sitting correctly. We can pinpoint these lurking problems before they cause pain.

Back Pain Treatment Benefits
Back pain treatment benefits you in more ways than just pain relief and prevention. If your trouble stems from a pinched nerve, for instance, you may be suffering from other impediments to proper physical function, from substandard immune response to “brain fog.” By treating the underlying cause of your pain, you are therefore also improving your internal communications system and enjoying better overall health. The earlier you seek such treatment, the less impairment you will suffer before we fix the problem.

Do you exercise regularly? Has it helped your back pain?
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