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Neck Pain

What Causes Neck Pain?

By November 27, 2019No Comments

If you are experiencing neck pain, you know how challenging this condition can be. Whether your neck pain is chronic or temporary, it all of a sudden becomes apparent how much neck pain can affect everyday life. Neck pain can inhibit your ability to play sports, work, drive or even sit comfortably in bed. For many people, neck pain can lead to sleeplessness, irritability and even relationship troubles due to chronic pain. So what are the different causes of neck pain? Here are a few of the most common reasons:

Poor Posture

One of the most common reasons for neck pain is poor posture. These days, people sit for long hours staring at a computer screen. This results in a certain physical posture that is not necessarily good for your spine. Of course, when you’re highly focused on a task, you may not even realize that you’re slumped over your keyboard or that you’re starting to have neck pain. It’s not until you’re finished that you find that your neck is sore.

Looking at Phones All Day

Another new habit that people have is staring down at their phones all day. This entails bending the head down at a sharp angle, which puts a strain on the physical structure at the back of your neck (also known as tech neck). Often, this habit leads to chronic neck pain that takes a long time to heal.

Sudden Movement

Sudden movement can lead to neck pain, too. This isn’t limited to older people, but it is more common in older folks. For example, say you are kind of lost in your own thoughts and suddenly your attention is drawn to something to the side of you. You jerk your head quickly and accidentally tweak a muscle or even dislocate something in your neck. All of a sudden you’re in pain. This kind of incident requires treatment from a chiropractor, who can usually alleviate the pain and get things back to their proper position.

Sports Injury

Finally, sports injuries are a common cause of neck pain; especially contact sports. The body may be in a rigid, alert state when impact occurs, and this can cause a neck injury and subsequent pain.

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