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What Is A Herniated Disc?

There are a lot of muscles and nerves you don’t spend time thinking about until they cause you pain. The spinal column houses the major nerves that travel from various parts of your body to your brain as well as vertebrae bone and rubbery discs that serve as structure and cushion. When something goes wrong in the back, you might be debilitated with painful spasms or ongoing discomfort.

What Exactly is a Herniated Disc?

When one of the rubbery disks between your vertebrae has a problem, it can be considered a herniated disk. A disc in your spine has a tough exterior with a softer center to help cushion your spinal column bones (or vertebrae). Those discs can rupture or slip, irritating nearby nerves and causing pain, weakness or numbness in an arm or leg.

Do I Have a Herniated Disc?

While herniated disks can go unnoticed, most come with painful symptoms. The majority of herniated disks occur in the lower back, though they can sometimes occur in the neck area as well. Typically symptoms include:

Arm or leg pain
Numbness or tingling
Muscle weakness
Most disc herniation occurs with gradual aging or disk degeneration. This occurs when discs lose their water content and are more prone to tearing or rupturing. Some people can suffer from herniated disc problems when they try to lift with their back instead of the legs, putting too much strain on their vertebrae. Occasionally, a traumatic fall or car accident can cause back pain and even disc herniation.

Finding Relief with Your Boca Raton Chiropractor

Most doctors will simply assign pain medications and possibly some kind of heat/ice treatment to help their patients cover the symptoms. However, we believe in an approach to pain management that allows your body to relax, stretch and increase blood flow to help the disks return to the right place so your body can heal as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing back discomfort, muscle weakness or pain that travels through a limb, call your car accident chiropractor today at the Shadowood Chiropractic Center.

Have you ever experienced a herniated disc or severe back pain?
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