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What Part of Your Job Is Causing You Pain?

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Pain Management for Workplace Injuries

Personal injuries can and do happen in the workplace, either suddenly or over an extended period of time. Here are some common examples:

Back strain – Poor posture or an uneven gait, possibly due to an underlying spinal subluxation, can put stresses on your muscles and joints, straining one side of your back or lower extremities. Lifting a heavy box or piece of furniture carelessly can cause a bulging or herniated disc.
Neck strain – If you drive a company vehicle, you might sustain whiplash in an auto accident. Whiplash, a natural consequence the head flying forward and back in a collision, results in soft tissue damage and pinched nerves from bulging cervical discs. But you can also strain your neck by constantly stooping or hunching over in your chair. Spinal adjustment and massage therapy can help correct these issues.
Carpal tunnel syndrome – If you use a keyboard and mouse all day, you may develop a kind of overuse injury called carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if your desk sits at an awkward height for comfortable use. Inflammation of the median nerve puts pressure on the nerve, resulting in arm or hand pain, weakness and numbness.
Plantar fasciitis – This inflammation of the connective tissues in the arch of the foot is all too common in the working world, especially for Boca Raton employees who stand or walk for hours at a time. An unbalanced stance, poor posture, and ill-fitting shoes can all play a role in this ailment, causing sharp pains in the foot that tend to subside over the course of the day, only to return by the next morning.

Natural Treatment and Pain Management for Your Workplace Injury

Come visit us at Shadowood Chiropractic Center for non-surgical pain management techniques, including the Cox adjustment technique for pinched nerves or injured discs and massage therapy for sore or damaged muscles. We want to help you get back on the job quickly and safely!

What kind of work do you do? Is there a high risk for personal injury?
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