Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic for Back Pain

Chiropractic care is a gentle, non-invasive, and non-drug solution for back pain. On your first visit, our Boca Raton chiropractors will take x-rays of your spine and other areas where you experience pain, and will design a custom routine to manipulate the spine and relieve pressure from the compressed nerves that send pain signals to the brain. According to a Consumer Reports study, chiropractic for back pain can be more effective than medications, massage, yoga, Pilates, and over the counter drugs.

Our chiropractors in Boca Raton have substantial experience using chiropractic care as a pain management technique for a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines and shoulder pain. Our goal with every patient is to naturally manage their pain and reduce or eliminate the need for medication and surgery. Many of our patients benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments, which maintain proper spinal alignment. From nerve compression to muscle soreness, a misaligned spine can wreak havoc on the body, and our job is to prevent this from happening.

Treating Chronic Back Pain

Over 20 percent of Americans (50.2 million) reportedly suffer from chronic back pain. Many factors can contribute to back pain, including physical inactivity, sitting or standing for long periods of time at work, poor sleep, smoking, stress, or unmanaged depression and anxiety. While more common in older age groups and in women, chronic back pain can affect anyone.

Often, back pain can be traced to a specific accident or trauma. One of the most common causes are whiplash injuries, which can lead to back pain by causing a misalignment in the cervical spine. This misalignment places pressure one nearby nerves and muscles; triggering pain, soreness, and stiffness. As long as this misalignment exists, auto injury victims will continue to experience back pain, and even neck pain and migraines. Chiropractic adjustments are a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that will bring proper alignment back to the spine. Restoring proper alignment alleviates pressure on the nerves, so individuals no longer suffer from chronic pain.

If you are one of the 3 million Americans who experience whiplash injuries from auto accidents each year, a specialized care solution that includes chiropractic treatment may be recommended by your primary care physician or care team, or you may choose to adopt it as your primary course of treatment.

If your back pain is related to an obstetrics and gynecological concern, neurological issues, dental problem (TMJ), or a rheumatological or podiatric concern — we will work with your other doctors to help create an integrative approach to your back pain management.

Stop Living with Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can have cascading repercussions throughout an individual’s life, and can often lead to loss in wages due to missed workdays and limitations on social engagement and daily activity. Recurring back pain can often present with other types of chronic pain, including migraines and headaches, neck pain, and hip and joint pain.

Those who suffer may often seek back pain treatment through over-the-counter pain relievers which can be taxing on internal organs with extended use. Additional treatments can lead patients to seek relief through prescription painkillers, which can be expensive and even lead to physical dependence and addiction. More severe cases can result in one or more painful and invasive surgeries which have their own potential side effects.

What Causes Back Pain? Learn from Our Boca Raton Chiropractor

“Hello my name is Allan Dellabella. I am a chiropractic physician in Boca Raton, FL. Today we are here to answer the question what causes back pain. First of all to use the spine here low back pain is predominately caused from a pinched nerve in the low back. Now the nerves all exit out of these hole that are made to come out of the spine. This vertebra turns & if a vertebra turns & gets stuck it closes off the opening causing a pinched nerve. So a pinched nerve in the low back is predominately what caused back pain. On an x-ray you can see this scenario. You have nice large openings and then there is not enough room here for the nerve to come out so this causes back pain.

Now another scenario that causes back pain is if the pelvis tilts, if the pelvis tilts up like such or the other way or in & out that can cause back pain. Now again we have an x-ray set up to reveal this pelvic bone is higher then this one you can also see this line here is also supposed to fall through this opening between the bones. The whole thing is shifted up like this so this has to come back down and move over & that will relieve the back pain in that scenario.

A third situation is a tilted sacrum the sacrum can move side to side now this is a plastic spine so it does not so freely movable. There are nerves that come through the sacral iliac that can pinch & cause back pain. So if it is not aligned now that could cause back pain.

A last & less likely scenario is also a coccyx bone that is here can turn. However that is a much rarer scenario but that can also cause back pain. So there is a varied scenario that cause back pain, the pinched nerve in the low back is the most common cause of low back pain. If you have this kind of scenario seek help from a chiropractor & through chiropractic manipulation we can resolve the problem & free it up so it should not come back again.”

Property of Dr. Allan DellaBella

Watch our video above to learn about what causes back pain, or read the video transcript below

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If the pain in your back is keeping you from participating in the activities you love most, let our Boca Raton chiropractic care specialists help you create a plan to manage and relieve your back pain through a specialized treatment course today.

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