Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow in Boca Raton, FL

Chiropractic care and tennis elbow fit together well. Tennis elbow, the commonly known name for lateral epicondylitis, is a condition which typically causes pain in the outer area of the elbow and the top portion of the forearm. This pain happens due to inflammation of the tendon in your arm when it is pressed against the bony point of your elbow.

Because it is the type of injury that is caused by movement, movement can also resolve the issue. Chiropractic care focuses on making specific adjustments to the spinal column that can properly align the body. Chiropractors will also focus on reducing the pressure on the ligaments in the arm and elbow, thus relieving the pain of tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The tennis elbow symptoms that patients tend to notice most frequently include: Pain around the outside of the elbow, pain that radiates upwards or downwards in the arm, weakness of the wrists, soreness on the elbow, and pain when trying to fully extend the forearm. Many patients also note severe pain when they are lifting objects or even carrying objects.

These symptoms may typically last from around 6 to 12 weeks, however if the symptoms are not addressed they may linger on for far longer, even for years. Chiropractic correction of tennis elbow can start to give the patient relief within only a few sessions. The total treatment time for tennis elbow patients may vary by case, but will usually be anywhere up to three months.

Why Tennis Elbow Happens

Tennis elbow is a repetitive motion injury that is related to over use of the wrist and arm. It most often happens when you are regularly engaging in activities that require you to make forceful wrist motions repeatedly.

While regular tennis players may suffer from tennis elbow, thus the name, this injury can also happen to nearly anyone who is making the type of arm and wrist motions that would cause it. For example, typing on a computer for hours every day could cause it, or even working in the garden for long hours could be the cause of a tennis elbow injury.

The chiropractic resolution for tennis elbow does vary by patient. However, your chiropractor will almost always advise you to start with rest and ice. By the time your injury is painful enough to be diagnosed as tennis elbow, the inflammation is generally severe and it will need to be reduced to be properly treated.

Once the inflammation is reduced enough for the chiropractor to properly access your arm and elbow, your chiropractor will examine you fully, seeking out the original source of the issue. This may include issues with shoulder, neck, or back misalignments that can be easily corrected. Further, the chiropractor will look for issues with the functionality of your elbow and with the muscles and ligaments in the arm and correct these issues when required.